Is there anything Tom Cruise won't do for a movie role?!

Tom Cruise has visited exotic locations around the world throughout his career as a movie star, and now the actor is going to be filming in a location that's truly out of this world.

In a surprise tweet, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the news that Cruise will be filming aboard the International Space Station (ISS). 

There has been some talk of the actor filming in space before, and teaming up with Space X for a ride, and as of right now, no further details have been released about the project, but this confirmation from NASA is everything we needed and more. It is said the project will not be part of the Mission Impossible film franchise.

Some of the reactions on Twitter are pretty hysterical, including all the tweets about moon landing and space travel conspiracies. (This news is likely to set off a few more in that area, too.) Of course, there have been plenty of folks asking how they can audition to be an extra.

Cruise is known for pushing himself to the limit and has performed many dangerous stunts in his career, injuring himself on more than one occasion. Astronauts endure intense training to go into space, so it will be interesting to hear how Cruise and NASA will move forward with the film and what kind of training he'll need to travel in space.  

What do you think? Are you surprised to hear that Tom Cruise is involved in a project as extreme as this? Share your reactions with us in the comments.