Mortal danger has befallen Arendelle, and Elsa and Anna must work together to save their home.  

The new trailer for Frozen 2 dropped yesterday, and it looks epic! Based on the trailers, this might be one of the most intense animated Disney films that they've made thus far. With Arendelle in peril and Elsa experiencing a new side to her powers, Frozen 2 is attempting to take it over the top.

Frozen 2 will hit theaters nationwide on November 22. 

Here's the latest trailer:

Courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Here's the first trailer that was released back in June:

Courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

And here's the teaser trailer that came out in February:

Courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Here was our reaction after watching the new trailer:

Courtesy of Giphy

We have a feeling that Disney is getting ready to bring it.

We just have so many questions. Do you? How excited are you for Frozen 2? Tell us in the comments!