20 Mile Tap House for the Win

Parker is the type of place where Richmond Homes house families with 2.5 kids and Toyota Highlanders fill parking lots of non-denominal churches. It's also probably the last place you'd think of when somebody asks you if you want to grab a drink, but tucked in a small strip of businesses right off Parker Rd. is the type of place every neighborhood should have – the 20 Mile Tap House. Known by locals as the 'Cheers of Parker', this unpretentious dig is a welcomed departure from the chains that typically plague the burbs, and it offers something they can't – live music. In fact, it's the best place to catch live music in Parker. 

That's because you'll not only be drinking beer with some of Parker's most animated characters, but the food is enough reason to go there, and the bands that come through are better than some shows I've seen at the Paramount. See for yourself: 

The types of bands vary, and you can catch them most Friday and Saturday nights, but if for some reason you can't make it, there's something happening most nights of the week -- including an open mic on Thursdays, Rock & Roll Bingo on Wednesdays, and a trivia night on Tuesdays. So if you're in the neighborhood, and need something to do, skip Chili's and hit up 20 Mile Tap House

What are your thoughts? Have you ever been to the 20 Mile Tap House? If so, how was it? Let us know in the comments below! 

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