Ditch the wine and beer, get the shaker ready for these classic cocktails!

While pizza-making often adheres to its own strict rules, let no one be in charge of what you'd like to drink while enjoying your pie. Wines, both red and white, and different kinds of beer are often go-to choices to accompany pizza, but for those of us who'd like some liquor, this article is for you.

Aperol Spritz

aperol spritz at pizza republica
Image courtesy Pizza Republica

This bubbly, bittersweet delight goes well with cheese or a choice of white pizza. Best suited to be enjoyed in warmer weather, sipping on this much-loved Italian cocktail will make you feel like you're in a Frederico Fellini film. Ciao, bella.


manhattan cocktail

The combination of whiskey and vermouth pair delightfully with cheese pizzas as well as pizzas that include red sauce and meaty toppings.


boulevardier cocktail
Image courtesy Edsel Little

As the American version of its Italian cousin, the Negroni, the Boulevardier uses whiskey rather than gin for a more robust taste that complements the flavors of a Margherita pizza as well as other other meat- and veggie-topped pizzas.

Dirty Martini

dirty martini
Image courtesy Dana Moos

The cold crispness of a Martini is perfect to wash down a hot, cheesy slice. Be sure to ask for prosciutto on your cheese pizza if you're looking to unleash your inner James Bond.  

Mai Tai

mai tai cocktail

For all you Hawaiian-style pizza fans, keep the aloha vibe going with this island favorite. When it comes to a tropical pizza, always go for a tropical drink to go with it.

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