Looking for the perfect beer to complement the arrival of warmer weather? You've come to the right place.

As if you needed an excuse to drink more beer in Colorado -- spring is upon us. And what a great time it is to enjoy a frosty brew. The snow is melting, coats are making way for t-shirts (and then briefly reappearing for that inevitable spring blizzard), and the sun is delaying its daily retreat behind the Rockies, affording you that extra hour or so of patio sipping time.
There is certainly no lack of variety in Colorado, the nation’s top location for craft brewing. In fact, more than 10 percent of the country’s craft breweries can be found in Colorado, a state that is home to less than 2 percent of the U.S. population.
The selection can be overwhelming at times. But have no fear! We’ve done our market research, we’re only a little bit tipsy, and we’ve found the five best types of beer for you to enjoy this spring! beer

1. Belgian-style Witbier

Nothing says spring like coriander and orange peel, both of which spice a style of unmalted wheat beer that dates back hundreds of years. “Wit” means “white,” (bet you can’t guess what “bier” means), making this pale and cloudy brew easy to spot when poured in a pub or brewery. Colorado brews to try: White Rascal, Avery Brewing Co.; Mothership Wit, New Belgium Brewing Co.; Priscilla White Wit Wheat, Oskar Blues Brewery

2. Sour beer

beer Some may argue sours are summer beers. They are correct. But we love them, so we submit you should be able to drink them during spring, too. Go ahead, break the rules. These fruit-forward, acidic brews bring positive sentiment to the phrase, “it’ll leave a sour taste in your mouth.” And did you know: the sour taste in sour beers comes from the addition of bacteria during the fermentation process? Score another point for bacteria. Colorado brews to try: El Gose, Avery Brewing Co.; Sour Apricot, Dry Dock Brewing Co.; Zard-Alu, Odell Brewing Co.   beer

3. Bock/Doppelbock

We’ll be honest. We just like saying “Doppelbock.” But if you’re curious, Bocks and Doppelbocks -- hehe -- come from Germany, the home of the lager. If the malty richness of Bocks is tasty, the even maltier, darker, and full-bodied “meal-in-a-bottle” that is Doppelbock is doppel-tasty. Colorado brews to try: Double Skull Doppelbock, Epic Brewing Co.; Wolfgang Doppelbock, Great Divide Brewing Co.; Skiing in Jeans Bock, Grist Brewing Co.

4. Saison

beer We return to Belgium for the origin of this spicy, warm-weather treat commonly known in the states as “farmhouse ale.” Saisons are characterized by a lactic character and fruity/horsey/goaty and/or leather-like aromas and flavors. Before you knock horsey and leather-like flavors, we suggest you try them, ok? We’re really starting to like Belgium. Colorado brews to try: Saison, Casey Brewing and Blending; Tropic King, Funkwerks Brewery; Surette Provision Saison, Crooked Stave Brewery    

 5. Blonde Ale

beer Springtime means easy-drinkin'. There’s no more easy-drinkin' brew than a blonde (or golden) ale. Having no particularly dominating malt or hop characteristics, this is the kind of refreshing, lip-smacking beer to drink when you’re just plain-old thirsty. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook), that means this rounded and smooth American classic has the tendency to go down a little too easy, and you could find yourself several beers deep while your friends are still sipping on their first Saison or Doppelbock, a series of circumstances that may lead to you repeatedly saying and giggling at the word "Doppelbock." Colorado brews to try: True Blonde Ale, Ska Brewing Co.; Apricot Blonde, Dry Dock Brewing Co.; Samurai Blonde Ale, Great Divide Brewing Co.   Whether you’re a dark, light, hoppy, smooth, sweet, sour, leathery, or horsey kind of a beer drinker, there is a spring beer out there for you that was brewed right here in our great state of Colorado. So get out there to your local pub, brewery, or liquor store, and find whatever pleases your palate. And let us know in the comments what you find. We’re always ready for more market research.

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