Are you hungry yet?

In the past few years, Denver's restaurant scene has exploded like a supernova in deep space. What was once a cowtown at the foot of the Rockies is now a bustling foodie paradise complete with small plate joints that would be at home in San Francisco, New York, and the like. But we can only eat so many tapas, so many bites of sushi, and so many sweet pork bao buns before we need a healthy portioned belt-notch-loosening meal. For that, you need to check out these classic Denver haunts that've been serving up great food for years. 

The Fort

The Fort isn't cheap, but it's as Colorado as you can get. Known for serving game like venison, buffalo, quail, rattlesnake, and more (don't worry -- they have beef, too), The Fort in Morrison goes back to 1963. They even used to have a bear, Sissy, who lived on the premises for 19 years. And if there's any place to try Rocky Mountain oysters, it's here. 

My Brother's Bar

My Brother's Bar is the oldest bar in Denver, but it's known for much more. As a regular hangout for beat legends Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy, My Brother's Bar is a piece of literary history, and they have fantastic burgers. Check it out -- you'll be happy you did. 

The Piper Inn

We just gave the Piper Inn "King of Wings" in Denver, and rightfully so. The Piper Inn has been serving excellent food at low prices for over 50 years, and in my opinion, it ranks as one of the best bars countrywide. I mean, where else can you get buffalo wings, chicken fried rice, and wash it all down with a cheap light American lager? 


Everybody in Denver knows that this used to be a Denver mob hangout. If you've just watched Goodfellas and you're hungry, drop in for some sausage and peppers. 

Columbine Steakhouse

The Columbine Steakhouse is a no-frills, cash-only steak joint that is kind-of an anomaly – huge steaks that are to die for -- and they're cheap, too. This is America at its finest. 

The Breakfast King

If the Breakfast King isn't already a movie set, then it should be. This 24-hour diner is a living time capsule with great food at retro prices. Skip the wait at Snooze and hit the BK, then maybe your native friends will accept you. 

Other honorable mentions include: Charlie Browns, Dino's, Bonnie Brae Tavern, The Saucy Noodle, The Buckhorn Exchange, Sam's No. 3, The Cherry Cricket, Pete's Kitchen, and Patzcuaro's.

What are your thoughts, people? Any you would like to mention? If so, comment below!

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