Forget soggy sandwiches and stale chips—sushi is the way to go when it comes to unforgettable picnics.

Step away from the potato salad and keep reading if a summer meal outside is in your future.

1. Sushi is light fare, perfect for hot afternoons. 

When you think of picnic lunches, do you automatically factor in the post-lunch crash nap? With sushi's lighter ingredients like fresh seafood and crisp veggies, you won't have to deal with the sleepiness associated with a big, heavy meal.

sushi, roll
Courtesy of Pixabay

2. Sushi is an all-in-one dish.

You don't have to worry about juggling or assembling multiple courses when you plan a sushi picnic. Each item has the perfect balance of seaweed, rice, veggies, and other fillings. Just order enough variation to appease everyone and go pick it up.

3. Sushi isn't all about uncooked fish.

Some of the most creative rolls are made with cooked ingredients. A Spider Roll is built around a fried soft shell crab. For the novice, you can't go wrong with a California Roll and its sweet surimi and vegetable filling.

Poke bowls, sushi burritos, and chirashi are all variations of traditional sushi that make great alternatives as well. Don't forget to add some sweet mochi desserts and edamame to snack on.

sushi burrito
Courtesy of Motomaki (via Facebook)


4. Sushi is memorable.

Think about it—when was the last time you went on a picnic and were served nothing but beautiful sushi? With its colors and composition, it's the perfect food for the social media crowd. Instagram stardom, here we come!

5. Sushi is special-occasion food.

As a dish, sushi is perfect for celebrations. Where else can you spend less than $100 and still sample shrimp, fresh fish, crab, and other luxurious ingredients all expertly prepared?

6. Portability is key.

The best thing about ordering sushi for a picnic is how efficient it all is. Ask about everyone's preferences, order up a variety of dishes, pick them up, and enjoy! No more juggling bulky containers, boxes, and bags. You may not even need utensils, depending on what you order.

bowls, poke
Courtesy of Motomaki (via Facebook)

Before you plan your next picnic outing, take a look at your local sushi spot and come up with a menu that everyone will love. You won't regret it!

What are some of your favorite sushi dishes for al fresco dining? Let us know in the comments what you think travels best.