Play games and drink together while staying home alone.  

Socially distancing has changed the way we interact with family, friends, and coworkers, and an unforeseen casualty of socially distancing has been the demise of the traditional beloved after-work happy hours. There are, however, plenty of drinking games you can play while remaining socially distant that will fill the need for camaraderie and get you tipsy.

(An added bonus is that everyone can get in on the fun: no one has to be the designated driver because you're already at home!)

7 Ways You Can Play Drinking Games Virtually:

1. Virtual Trivia 

You can do this a couple of ways; the free option is to simply set up a group video chat or hang out, then pick your game and play it; a virtual game of charades, Pictionary, or Trivial Pursuit.

Trivia Crack is a free app you can download and challenge friends through video chat. One person can be the emcee and call out the questions, and, of course, everyone drinks. 

2. Beer Pong

You have two choices here; set up an actual beer pong game at home, then live stream the game with friends who are doing the same. You will be playing your own table, but the game will have several players. If this is just too much work, you can hop online at and play with friends there. They also have multiplayer darts, Eight Ball, and more. 

3. Waterfall

This is a classic drinking party game and now the rei san app for that too. Inspired by friends who wanted to play in a socially distant way will let you play online, check out the rules here

4. Smashed Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

This one is fun and simple, and can even let a few skeletons out of the closet if one isn’t careful. Everyone searches their own homes for treasure and shares it online. There's a huge list of free printable lists to hunt for right here at

5. Online Games 

  • has a great selection of online games designed to be played in a virtual happy hour. Up to 10 people can play in some games. 
  • Drunk Pirate is as fun as it sounds and totally free. Simply click through to get started, flip the cards, and follow instructions. You will be talking like a drunken scallywag in no time.
  • Cards Against Humanity: You can play the classic party game for horrible people online with your friends.

6. Netflix Party and Chug

With the Netflix Party extension, all you have to do is pick a movie, fill up your cup, and get the party going. You can even drink right from the bottle because, honestly, who needs cups when you're home alone?

You can pick a secret code word and have everyone drink when they hear it, have each member of the party assign each other codewords so no one has the same one. Whoever is the drunkest at the end wins. Or assign a number of drinks to phrases—this is great for movies such as The Avengers or Star Wars. Shots every time Thor mentions his hammer, chug the rest of your glass anytime you hear the phrase ”The Chosen One” or "I Am Iron Man" ... you get the idea.

We especially love this one, because drinking and dissecting movies and TV is super fun! So much fun, in fact, that OCN has a podcast all about it! If you haven’t heard our Double Feature Podcast, you must check it out.

7. Make Up Your Own

We're in quarantine and that means all the rules have changed, so if you can’t find a game you like or want to play, just make up your own. These Reddit users did just that:

DIY Drinking Board Game from r/DrinkingGames
Housemates and I got tired of Jenga. Alcoholic Board Game v2 from r/DrinkingGames
I created a virtual drinking board game for quarantine called "QUARANTINI". Free downloads for everyone from r/DrinkingGames

You can turn anything into a drinking game, it doesn’t matter how silly you get with it. So, kick back, grab a cold brew and get this virtual party going. 

What's your favorite online drinking game to play with friends? Share your secrets with us in the comments—and remember, drink responsibly.