Four Quarters of the Best Sports Bars in Dallas

Just like any football game, a sports bar can be good at certain times and not so good at others. When a team gets labeled a "4th quarter" team, that means they are in really good shape and can play all the way until the whistle blows. Other teams start fast, but fizzle as the game continues, so they might win the first and second quarters but they lose in the end becuse of lack of steam.

Here, I'll be listing my favorite sports bars in Dallas and when to frequent them. So, if it's pigskin you're looking for, and you want to be in the best place to watch it, you're reading the right article.

1st Quarter - City Works, Frisco, TX

"Oh, say can you see...", as soon as you hear the local celebrity belting out the "Keys Tune", head to City Works, at the Star in Frisco. The Star has been called the future of NFL Teams headquarters all around the country and it makes sense that the rest of the teams look to Jerry for their next step. At last count, the 'boys are worth 5 Billion dollars and that wasn't just luck.

City Works has interesting twists on the regular bar fare. Good looking burgers, wraps and tacos and I really want to dig into the Duck Nachos, especially when we play a "bird" team like the Eagles. I checked and it's still illegal to eat eagles. They have over 90 local and global craft beers on tap and a really cool outdoor balcony. Start the game off with a bang but know, that you could hit this place in any quarter.

2nd quarter - Stan's Blue Note, Dallas, TX

This place has been here since 1971! That means it was around for the 70's glory days and you can smell it in the walls. Next to those walls are a ton of dartboards, a shuffleboard table, a foosball table, and a pool table. You want to hit Stan's if our 'boys start slow or even get behind, this way you can be distracted by all the fun stuff around you.

Tons of local beers and cold beverages. A few imported stuff but it's mainly all American in the food and drinks.

2nd to Halftime - Milo Butterfingers, Dallas, TX

This place has got the best Blue Plate Specials in town – old, diner favorites, like Chicken Fried Steak or Salsburry Steak for a set price of $8.95 over the lunch hours. 

$2.00 off pitchers for Monday Night Football. But the main attraction when coming to Milo's is the history. If you listen closely you can hear Ray Willie Hubbard or Jerry Jeff Walker, who both played here in the 70's. 

3rd Quarter - The Happiest Hour, Dallas, TX

The team has been in the locker room over halftime and the coach has made some adjustments, so if you want to know where to go for the comeback, head to The Happiest Hour, right next to American Airlines arena. Tons of TV's and the biggest patio in Dallas means you have a new strategy for the second half. $25 Beer Towers, means you can settle in and nibble on the delicious Texas BBQ! By the way, the 3rd quarter is Dak's best quarter, so relax and enjoy, the Happiest Hour!

4th Quarter - Frankie's Downtown, Dallas, TX

If you find that the game is going down to the wire and it might be coming down to a hail mary (Born in Dallas by Captain America, Roger Staubauch) head immediately to Frankie's Downtown. This place has 44 HD Screens all around the outer edge, so no matter where you sit, you won't miss "Coooooop's" catch to win it in the last seconds. This place has a great atmosphere, delicious food, and good drink specials and it's right in downtown Dallas, the 2014 USA Today's top skyline in America.

Overtime - The Truck Yard, Dallas and The Colony, TX

If the game goes into OT or, God forbid, we end up on the wrong end of the scoreboard, I would head to the Truck Yard. This place is a really cool beer garden. There's a location in Dallas and one up in the Colony by that huge Nebraska Furniture Mart. Different food trucks come and serve their wares and everyone sits outside and sings beer drinking songs until the sun goes down and beyond. It's a really fun atmosphere and the kind of place where you can smell the food and soak in being around a fun crowd. 

Really, no matter how the Cowboys do on Sunday, we should all be excited that we have so much to choose from in our great city.

A bar for every quarter and cheers to the pigskin!