Terminator is one step closer to reality thanks to a mechanical arm that is designed to get you straight-up soused. 

Are robots taking over the bartender game? This Saturday will mark the first time people at Mile High Stadium can skip the small talk with a human, and be served up a cold Bud Light by a robot. The Bud Light Bot will be on hand at the United East Club level during the game.

It is designed so you simply push a button to get the process started. Then the bot's mechanical arm will grab a cup and place it on a special machine that fills plastic cups from the bottom up thanks to a special cut and magnet. Once it's full, it will return the cup to the imbiber.

So do bartenders have to worry about their jobs just yet? Maybe not. The bot is pretty cool, but it doesn't look like it provides a full pour in each cup. Check out the demonstration of how it all works below:

It appears the cup was only about 2/3 full when all was said and done, possibly to give a little breathing room for the beer bot's movements. You'll have to swing by and grab a bot beer for yourself to see how it performs.

The Bud Light Bot was programmed by MSI TEC and manufactured by Universal Robots. Saturday’s game will be the first time it will be used in action, so it should be interesting to see how it works out and how people feel about it. 

What: Bud Light Bot
Where: United East Club Level, Mile High Stadium
When: Broncos vs. Browns, Saturday, Kickoff at 6:20 p.m.