Sometimes the only thing that can cure a brutal Saturday morning hangover is a hearty breakfast sandwich. Here are Washington D.C.’s best breakfast sandwiches that will change your life.

1.Florida Avenue Grill

Breakfast Sandwiches Want to stick to the basics? Here you’ll be able to get a classic egg sandwich. What makes this bagel sandwich absolutely divine is the fresh ingredients. The perfectly smoked sausage will have your mouth watering for days.

2.Smucker Farms of Lancaster County

Breakfast Sandwiches Indulge in an everything bagel with crispy bacon, chive cream cheese, egg frittata, and pepper jelly to finish it off. YUM.

3.Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.

Breakfast Sandwiches Shake up your typical bagel sandwich and have a biscuit instead. The biscuits here are so light, fluffy, and buttery, you could just simply eat that. If plain isn’t your thing, get a biscuit loaded with bacon, sausage gravy, egg, and cheese.

4. A Baked Joint

Breakfast Sandwiches This joint puts a whole different twist on a breakfast sandwich. The Biscuit Sammie is crunchy with cilantro and spicy sausage baked into it topped with a fried egg, light mayonnaise, and a tomato. Simple and refined. Definitely worthy on our best breakfast sandwiches list.


Breakfast Sandwiches This one is for the vegetarian breakfast sandwiches lover out there! A fresh bagel is topped with egg, tomato, red onion, and house made cream cheese. The fresh ingredients makes this sandwich one of the best out there.  

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