It's no secret that D.C. has some of the best food in the world. You're in luck because all of these vendors sell some of their best products online, too!

Send someone a great taste of D.C. this Christmas through any of the restaurants and shops listed below. They'll be thrilled to receive any of these scrumptious gifts.

Ben's Chili Bowl

You can send some of Ben's famous spicy half-smokes and chili sauce to a friend who really loves sausages with a kick. Two 4-packs and a pint of chili sauce runs just $39.95 and is enough for 8. You can also order regular half-smokes, just chili, veggie chili, and turkey dogs. All your bases are covered!

Courtesy of Ben's Chili Bowl

Mambo Sauce from Capital City Company

If you're getting wings in the city, chances are, there will be Mambo sauce somewhere in the vicinity. This unique sweet and spicy (or mild) sauce will elevate any fried foods to something crave-worthy with just a dab. For $7.25 each, you can afford to send someone a few bottles to tide them over until their next visit.

Courtesy of Capital City Company

Stella's PopKern

This gourmet popcorn is so good they even have a food truck! You can send anything from sampler packs to huge tins through their online shop. Flavors include such favorites as White Cheddar, Salty Caramel, French Plaid, and Clarified Butter with Sea Salt. Yum!

Courtesy of Stella's PopKern

Georgetown Cupcake

These adorable cupcakes are available for shipping -- can you believe it? For $36 a dozen, you can send a smile through such yummy flavors as chocolate, vanilla, coconut, gingerbread, red velvet, and dozens more. Visit their online shop for pickup, delivery, or shipped orders.

Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake

Do you have a favorite D.C. food gift we might have missed? Tell us where to order it in the comments below!

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