Halloween May Bring Out Your Inner Kid - But Serve Food For Adult Tastes

Alright, we're past the age of dressing up as a sexy (insert random military branch/animal/mineral/vegetable/etc.) and have graduated onto clever, relevant costumes such as Gal Gadot's version of Wonder Woman, or dressing as a divorce petition citing Fortnite as the cause. Boone's Farm, Smirnoff, and other cheap libations that once got us tanked have been replaced with craft beer and the more expensive wines in the store. No longer will a bowl of salsa and a bag of Doritos suffice as party fare, because you, you awesome party-thrower, are considering calling in the professionals to get a solid party food spread for your guests to enjoy.

Not sure where to start? The list of Denver restaurants that cater below should help.

sushi platter from hapa sushi
Image courtesy Hapa Sushi's Facebook


Local sushi hotspots like Hapa, thankfully, provide catering and for costumed guests with various props or masks, having easy-to-grab-and-bite rolls are ideal for the occasion. If any of your guests are dressed as a shark, cat (there's ALWAYS one), or bear, it lets them get into character even more. As it turns out, Hapa is so keen to cater shindigs that they'll give you $20 off any platter order over $100 when you use promo code "PLATTER" at checkout.

Image courtesy Valente's Deli, Bakery & Italian Market's Facebook


For more substantial and all-around delicious Italian provisions, Valente's Deli offers large antipasto platters, subs, and cannoli that your guests will rave about. Good luck walking out with just a platter because the molto bene aromas will likely cause you to add on a few tiramisu orders and a few sausage links.  

Image courtesy Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe (Denver)'s Facebook page


Taziki's selection of hummus dips, pasta, signature chicken and beef dishes, and baklava provides a savory spread that is ideal for a Greek god party theme. Plus, the Mediterranean diet is super healthy so you won't feel guilty about pounding a third Dry Dock during the festivities.

Image courtesy Tacos Tequila Whiskey's Facebook page


It's unfortunate that Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year because your party would be the ultimate Taco Tuesday location. Tacos Tequila Whiskey's Taco Bar is a perfect go-to to feed your hungry costumed masses. After all, Denver is a taco-crazed town and what food do you crave more than tacos after a night of drinking?!

Image courtesy Burnt Ends' Facebook page


Have a BBQ buffet at your party and you can bet everyone on your guest list will show up. Even ghosts will want to come. No, not Casper. I meant the Tinder match who ghosted you a few months back that still follows you on Instagram. Burnt Ends has a solid catering menu full of Kansas City BBQ that all the Jayhawks present will appreciate.

Oh yeah, if you end up catering your Halloween party, be sure to invite your friends at OCN, sound good?

Check out this list and give your guests some delightful cocktails to sip on at your Halloween party.