Whether you're visiting Denver or just on your lunch break, these protein and veggie-packed bowls will keep you going all day long.

If your New Year's resolution involves better eating habits in 2019, you can be sure you'll live up to your end of the deal by adding poke to your diet. Made with fish and a variety of vegetables and greens, you'll see right away that you made a good choice. Denver has a large selection of restaurants that serve poke bowls, and for those of you living or visiting the bustling downtown area, you can trust these places for a healthy meal:


motomaki poke bowl
Image courtesy Motomaki's Facebook page

This fun, fast-casual eatery offers a wide variety of poke bowls to choose from or you can build your own to your personal preferences. 


Image courtesy PokeWorld's Facebook page

If you're a poke connoisseur, be sure to swing by PokeWorld. With a menu chock full of sauces, mix-ins, and toppings, this poke doesn't mess around.


pokeclub downtown denver poke bowl
Image courtesy PokeClub's Facebook page

Along with signature and build-your-own poke bowls, PokeClub also offers a selection of ramen dishes.


bubu bowls
Image courtesy Bubu's Facebook page

While not exclusively a poke restaurant, Bubu offers bowls from all types of cuisines like Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Paleo to name a few.

Have you tried any of these poke restaurants? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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