BYOB Restaurants in DC with NO Corkage Fee

What better news for the city that consumes the most wine in the nation than this? Here is a complete list of BYOB restaurants in DC at absolutely NO cost. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, BYOB stands for bring your own booze. That’s right. There are actually restaurants in DC that let you bring in your very own bottle of wine. It seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? As far as I’m concerned, I’m taking full advantage and you should too. Save at the very minimum $30 on your next dining out experience when you simply bring your very own preferred bottle of wine. So go ahead, order that Filet mignon! You’re not paying for overpriced booze.


[gallery ids="163,164,162,165"] 2614 Connecticut Ave NW No corkage fee. As far as BYOB restaurants in DC go, this could be the most eccentric. When you come here, you’ll have the chance to explore everything that Mediterranean food has to offer. From their golden-fried vegetable falafel to their tahini lamb chop, you will surely not be disappointed. With mediterranean dining, I recommend bringing some sort of white wine such as a buttery chardonnay.

2. Mandu

[gallery ids="175,171,176,170,173,168,174,172"] 1805 18th St NW No corkage fee for the first bottle; $25 per additional bottle; three-bottle limit; no large format bottles. This charming restaurant offers amazing Korean cuisine. Try their Bibim Bap. This dish is a rice bowl with an array of assorted fresh vegetables, tender beef, and a sunny side up egg. This meal is complete with gochujang, a spicy chili, and bean pasta. The plus side is Bibim Bap can be made vegetarian and gluten free. Finish your meal by choosing from a selection of mochi ice cream.

3.Farmers Fishers Bakers

[gallery ids="184,178,179,180,181,182,188,185,186,187"] 3000 K St NW No corkage fee for the first bottle; $25 for each additional bottle Relax with your vino in this modern/upscale American restaurant. Each dish here is farm-inspired and is committed to supporting American family farmers. This restaurant has been internationally recognized as the place to go in the U.S. AND lets your bring your own booze? Sign me up.

4. Dino’s Grotto

[gallery ids="197,193,194,192,191,196,195"] 1914 9th St NW No corkage fee Sundays through Wednesdays; $7.50 per person on other days, no bottle limit. This place is perfect for all of my truffle lovers. At this Italian restaurant, you can have fresh white truffles sprinkled on any dish. They don’t just have white truffles, they also have burgundy truffles as well. If you didn’t enjoy this dinner with your favorite bottle of wine, then you aren’t doing like the Romans do.


[gallery ids="201,198,206,204,199,202,203,208,205,207"] 931 H St NW No corkage fee on Mondays; $40 corkage fee on other days for special circumstances if requested in advance. This restaurant refines the idea of a classic French brasserie. Begin your meal with mouth-watering fried Burrata, then indulge in their herb crusted halibut, then finish with a chocolate toffee brownie sundae

6. Founding Farmers

[gallery ids="220,217,223,218,221,216,222,219"] 1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW No corkage fee for the first bottle; $25 for each additional bottle; bottle cannot be on wine list. This is also among the list of BYOB restaurants in DC that is also award winning. Engage in deep conversation at this trendy spot, where their bread and butter lies in the intimate setting and delicious food. Everything is delicious, but I highly recommend any of the handmade pastas. The Sausage Mushroom Gnocchi is to die for!

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