On February 21, foodies relished in doubleheader delight at Mister Tuna. Two completely unique events, one location, and one evening all made for one amazing experience!

First, it was a five-course tasting menu paired with Colorado Sake Co for each course! Then, it was another Chef Showdown. And for food lovers, it was a night to remember! Hosted by TAG Restaurant Group, we love what they're doing to promote the food scene in Denver by offering these incredible events.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the five-course tasting menu! Designed by Chef Tristen Epps and executed by TAG Restaurant Group's culinary director, Jorel Pierce, along with the rest of the team. William Stuart, the proprietor of Colorado Sake Co, prepared the sake for each course.

The first course was Uni Custard paired with American Standard Junami:

The second course was Diver Scallops paired with a remarkable Horchata Nigori Sake:

The third course was lamb ribs paired with a blueberry hibiscus sake that went perfectly together:

The fourth course was Pork Secreto paired with wine barrel-aged sake:

And finally, for dessert, a remarkable Panna Cotta that miraculously paired with a wasabi arugula sake, which had notes of melon:

Now, for the second act of this foodie dream. OCN Eats representative Larry Herz was invited to reprise his role as a judge of the Chef Showdown at Mister Tuna, and folks packed themselves in to watch the battle unfold.

The Showdown's contestants included Chef Adam Vero of Hearth & Dram and Chef Chad Graybill of Uchi Denver. Their challenge? Use the following ingredients: a whole pig, Buffalo Mozzarella, and Sorrel.

Chef Adam prepared one dish perfectly using all three ingredients, while Chef Chad went for volume and made five dishes and a drink!

In the end, the judges selected Chef Chad as the winner by a narrow margin.

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