Finally, a cool solution!

If there's one thing that ruins a party for me – whether it be a birthday party, a holiday, or just a casual get-together – it's that soupy mess of bad ice cream and a cheap, grocery store-bought cake. Perhaps I've just attended too many of these events, or maybe I'm more of a snob than I thought, but the truth is that it all just tastes so ... synthetic. Yet, I can't expect people to make their own ice cream or cakes either, that's just too much work.

So, what should you do to save the birthday party from crashing and burning (or, in this case, melting)? The Cold Stone Ultimate Party Pack seems like an excellent option. 

Now, before you start thinking you'll need a line of credit, hear me out. That bathmat-sized cake you're about to pick up at the grocery store? Skip it, and put the $20 into quality ice cream. The Cold Stone Ultimate Party Pack serves between 20 and 25 people and comes with five quarts of Cold Stone's finest ice creams. And because you can't have Cold Stone without the mix-ins, they'll also throw in five different mix-ins, like-it sized cups, spoons, and more. 

It's like bringing Cold Stone to the party, and what kid isn't going to love that? I know I'm not the only one out there who would rather have quality ice cream or great cake in lieu of having both. So if that's how you think, too, check out the following Cold Stone locations, and they can help you with either: Cold Stone in ParkerCold Stone at CornerstarCold Stone SouthlandsCold Stone at Quincy and Buckley, Cold Stone at the District, or Cold Stone at Aurora City Place!

What are your thoughts, party people? Would you rather have the bland store-bought cakes or the Cold Stone Ultimate Party Pack? Which one? Let us know in the comments below!

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