Who doesn't love a cold drink to sip on that reminds you of your favorite place when the days get warm? Now, you get to do that with the Ocean City Crush!

Anyone who has visited Ocean City knows there are plenty of spots that'll serve you an amazing cold one in an array of yummy flavors! But local drinks haven't made it to the same spotlight as the Ocean City Crush! The new Seagram's Escapes' Drink is inspired by the Orange Crush. The Harborside Bar & Grill crafted this local legend in 1995 and it's a blend of squeezed orange juice, Sprite, triple sec, and vodka. Once it was sold, the Orange Crush received rave reactions and this popularity with crowds has not died down whatsoever since then! And it was this extreme popularity that drew the attention of Seagram's Escapes and made the company want to bring this Ocean City favorite to the masses. According to Delmarva Now, Seagram's Escapes saw a great opportunity, so they "learned the history of the drink and its flavor to make their version taste just right." Their diligent research and work paid off, and lead to the Ocean City Crush being released in early April!
Isn't it amazing to think that anyone can have a taste of Ocean City at their fingertips regardless of the time of year or their location? A big thank you to the Harborside Bar & Grill for their divine creation and another big thank you to Seagram's Escapes for bottling up liquid paradise, so that Orange Crush lovers can have it whenever they want! Have you had the Orange Crush before? If so, what would you rate it on a scale of 1-10? Let us know in the comments down below! Cheers, everyone!

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