Beer + summer = pure bliss. 

There's just something ineffably refreshing about the crisp bite of an IPA that makes it perfect for warm weather. So, when Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora (one of our favorites, and a Colorado juggernaut that's won nearly 30 medals at the Great American Beer Festival!) told us there's a new IPA on the way, we became very, very thirsty. 

It's called the Hazy IPA, and the brewery says it's brewed with a hopping technique that'll keep the bitterness down while accentuating the passion fruit, pineapple, and fresh-squeezed-OJ flavor profile. For you beer geeks and home brewers out there, the "it's alive" aspect will be provided by Kveik yeast, typically used in traditional Norwegian Farmhouse, and it sports a 6.3 percent ABV. 

Of course, I'll have to perform a lot of market research to see for myself, you know, for journalistic purposes. But from the sounds of it, this could be one of the best beers of the season. Scratch that, it could be one of the best beers to ever fill a glass.

Beginning April 8, the new Hazy IPA will be available at the South Dock - where the brewery will be hosting a Taproom Release Party - and North Dock taprooms, and it should be trickling into stores beginning April 15. Should you fall in love, the brewery says that the beer will be available year-round, in kegs, six-packs, and the new Booty Box -- which will also feature the legendary Apricot Blonde, Sour Apricot, and a "Pirate's Pick."

And, as if you needed any more excuses to drink beer, 50-cents from every "Booty Box" purchase will go toward charitable causes. Already this year, Dry Dock and The Brew Hut (the homebrew supply shop that often works with the brewery) raised over $10,000 for groups like the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, and the Nature Conservatory. 

“Dry Dock Brewing and The Brew Hut are committed to bettering the communities in which we all live. As such, we donate and contribute to organizations who do the same. We are focused on the environment, children in need and our local police, fire and military heroes. If you are interested in partnering with us, please complete an application to become one of our partners.”

So what do you say, is it beer-thirty yet? We want to know what your favorites are! Let us know in the comments!

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