Mint ice cream + mix-ins = St. Patrick's Day bliss.

Everybody celebrates St. Patrick's Day differently. Some of us will rush to LoDo to drink green beer, others may take their kids or significant others to the parade, or if you're really from Ireland, you may not do much at all. But we're in America, and as much as we'd like to hate on the commercialization of our holidays, St. Patrick's Day is just the perfect amount. Sure, you may get pinched for not wearing green, but there's really no other requirement other than having a good time and it gives you license to indulge.

And for me, that means going to Cold Stone for some mint ice cream, adding as many mix-ins as I please.

But what about Shamrock Shakes you say? Have you tried Little Man? While they're both good, mint milkshakes can be had at just about any ice cream shop, but why stop there? Why not add something to your minty treat? That's why I'm going to Cold Stone. Not only can I avoid the circus of going downtown to a boutique creamery and skipping the traffic, limited parking, etc, but it's also the only place I know of that offers real ice cream and suite of sweet mix-ins that you'll dream about.

Don't get me wrong, I'll hit them up another time when it's less busy and downtown is a little bit less rowdy. But, for now, I'll just stick to a mint, marshmallow, brownie, and oreo masterpiece.

Plus, as I get older, and my friends are starting to have kids (while surprisingly drinking less), I'm starting to realize that traveling with the little ones is harder than nailing jello to a tree in a hurricane, thus making the ice-cream slinging chain in the suburbs a necessity for parents looking to satisfy their need for sweets, too. 

So if that's you, or you want to go all-out with an ice cream cake, we recommend either Cold Stone in ParkerCold Stone at CornerstarCold Stone Southlands, or Cold Stone at Quincy and Buckley for the best experience! 

What are your thoughts? What are some things you do to treat yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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