Sometimes all we want is to slide into a booth at a good old-fashioned diner and enjoy a milkshake and burger at three in the morning. Or breakfast all day. Nothing quite beats breakfast served all day.

Well, here are three diners that will transport you back to simpler times, provide the comforting environment and cuisine you crave, and add a touch of Washington, D.C., flair you can’t quite find anywhere else.

The Diner

The Diner is a 24-hour diner in Washington, D.C., known for being busy at all hours of the day. The crowd may change from day to night, but the food remains the same classic American fare you love. If breakfast is calling your name, no worries: you can order your eggs Benedict, French toast, and bacon all day long. If you’re really craving a burger, they’ve got a ton of options -- from the tried-and-true Diner Burger to the flavorful Hawaiian Burger. And of course, they’ve got you covered with milkshakes -- whether you’re looking to do alcoholic or not. Try the Muddy Waters boozy shake for a kick of Bailey's, coffee grounds, and Oreos. Or taste the Appalachian Breakfast, made with bourbon, bacon, and maple syrup. You can view the full food menu here, and the drink menu here. The owners of The Diner also own such classic establishments as Tryst, Open City, and The Coupe. So you know you're in a good hands!
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Satellite Room

Satellite Room has the feel and décor of a 1960s diner -- and just about anything you want to eat and drink. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also have quite an array of vegan, gluten-free, and snack options. You should absolutely come for the bottomless brunch and get cozy in a booth among all the pop-up art on the walls. If you’re in the mood to share a slice of pizza and a boozy milkshake with a friend, they can handle that for you, too. And speaking of boozy milkshakes, they’ve got everything from the Frank Costello (chocolate mixed with “shamrock mint” rum) to the Cinnamon Toast Punch (a concoction created with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and Old Overholt Rye Whiskey). This diner also turns into a lively bar on the weekends, with a full drink list, truly making it anything you want it to be. To check out the full menu of offerings, go to Satellite Room’s website here.
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Florida Avenue Grill

Florida Avenue Grill, which has been open since 1944, has self-labeled themselves as the “oldest soulful in the world,” and they’re not wrong. They’ve got comfort food options galore, both in the breakfast and dinner departments. And the couple that first opened the restaurant has an adorable story to tell about their establishment, which you can read here. If eggs are your jam, go for one of the egg breakfasts. You can take your pick of bacon, ham, beef hash, and even salmon to pair with them, or try an egg sandwich. If you want a classic Florida Avenue Grill breakfast menu item, taste one of the delicious hot cakes; you can go either sweet or savory with these. For dinner, this diner does not disappoint. They’re serving up entrees like southern pan-fried chicken, salisbury steak, and smothered fried pork chops that are sure to hit the spot. And don’t forget the sides, which include classic favorites like candied yams, mashed potatoes, corn bread, and Miss Betty’s potato salad. You can savor the full menu here.
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Jimmy T’s Place

Jimmy T’s Place is reminiscent of your classic New York City diner. It’s a total hole-in-the-wall, cash-only, sit-at-the-bar, breakfast-all-day kind of joint. It’s also both a Capitol Hill establishment and a secret to the rest of the city. This family-owned diner opened in 1969 and has remained mostly in its original state. Here you can get the basics prepared to perfection. The diner serves up tons of hot coffee, bacon, eggs, waffles, and toast; don’t expect anything fancy. But therein lies the beauty of this diner. It’s a true testament to a simpler time. But be prepared for it to be busy during rush times, as it’s very popular among the locals. Jimmy T’s doesn’t have a website, so you’ll just have to come in and experience the moment.
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Have you been to any of these diners before? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Happy dining!

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