Where's the beef? It's at Wendy's, and it's free.

The free fast-food game is really heating up, and Wendy’s just proved it's got the skillz. The burger joint is throwing down a heck of an offer that pretty much dethrones that chain that starts with a “B” and ends with “urger King.”

In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, Sept. 18, you can get a free Dave’s Single with any purchase. "It’s just a free burger on one day," you might be saying, and you would be wrong. Here’s the real story: the deal started on Sept. 8, AND it refreshes daily. So, it looks like it's burgers, burgers, burgers every day from here to end of this glorious month.

All you have to do to score a Dave's Single on the daily is download Wendy’s app and use the digital coupon. Use it to get your free burger, refresh the app the next day, and repeat. If you aren’t all about the beef, there are other deals on the app that are no joke, as well.

Definitely watch the app and Wendy’s site for other deals throughout the year. Its $0.50 unlimited frosty offer in August and the “winner, winner chicken tender” deal are just a few they’ve rolled out recently. Bonus tip: follow Wendy’s Twitter account for the latest freebies, but mostly because it’s highly entertaining, as far as fast-food accounts go.

Have you taken advantage of the free Dave’s Single yet? Share with us how many times you cashed in the deal!

Free McDonald's fries? Sweet.

Free Chick-fil-a nugs? Even sweeter.