Sweet and savory flavors abound at this foodie-approved creamery.

As summer rolls around, we're reminded of our favorite ice cream shops, including Baltimore's The Charmery! They've been a mainstay in the Hampden neighborhood for over 10 years, scooping up quirky flavors and collaborating with the city's artists and musicians. In addition to ice cream, foodies can enjoy milkshakes, sundaes, and hot chocolate with gigantic homemade marshmallows—always a hit during the annual Miracle on 36th Street!

The shop was founded in 2010 by couple David and Laura Alima, who incorporated their Maryland roots with their love of handcrafted ice cream. They use sustainably-sourced ingredients and hormone-free milk to make their product. The result? Creamy delicious goodness.

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The creamery's menu, which they live-stream online, is constantly rotating a solid mix of classic and eclectic flavors. Seven "Always" flavors remain on the menu year-round and draw on Maryland's history as inspiration. Stand-outs include Old Bay Caramel, Tell Tale Chocolate, and Maryland Mud, which features a chocolate ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces and chocolate chips.

Then there are the experimental flavors, which shift from season to season, if not by the week. Their current lineup is pretty out-there with Cheese and Crackers and Hokey Pokey, inspired by New Zealand's honeycomb candy. For those who don't consume dairy, never fear—a handful of sorbets and dairy-free options are always on hand.

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Besides providing ice cream, the shop also contributes to the local community through unique collaborations. They've joined forces with musicians like Dan Deacon and collaborated with local chefs on limited-run flavors. Just this April, the creamery teamed up with Chef Carlos Raba from Clavel to concoct a strawberry hibiscus lime mezcal ice cream, with part of the proceeds helping support staff from both restaurants affected by COVID-19.

Today, The Charmery has expanded to three locations. Their original location is on 801 West 36th Street in Hampden, but they also have locations in Towson and Baltimore's Union Collective building. Two more are on the way in Federal Hill neighborhood and the Merriweather District in Columbia, so keep your eyes peeled for opening dates!

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David and Laura Alima (pictured right)

During the coronavirus pandemic, The Charmery continues to spread happiness through ice cream, just at a distance. Their Hampden and Towson spots are open for curbside pickup on Friday and Saturday during regular hours, as well as delivery across Baltimore and Howard County. If you find yourself in B'more, go and grab a scoop (or two!) It's peak "Charm City"!

**All photos courtesy of The Charmery's Facebook

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