Gordon Ramsay has us all saying, I'm baby

"Sweet potato mash, finished with a touch of olive oil"? check. "Haricot blanc," check. "Beautiful pork sausages," check, check, check.

Renowned chef, notoriously yell-y bloke, and devoted family man, Gordon Ramsay posted a video on Instagram of him preparing a "gourmet" meal last night. The customer? "The only VIP customer last night," who "was at table High Chair," the chef's 18-month-old son, Oscar (who has his own Instagram account, run by his older sisters). 

In the video, Ramsay carefully plates the ingredients (which are, in plain speak: sweet potatoes, English baked beans, and pork sausage), presenting them in the form of a smiley face with "baked bean eyebrows." "Coming now, Oscar," he reassures his young customer, who can be heard fussing offscreen. "There we go, my son," he adds in reverent tones as he finishes the truly tremendous eyebrows. 

As he lists the ingredients to whoever is holding the camera (frankly, incredible cinnamon topography coming from the Ramsay family), he bursts out jokingly, "Lockdown is driving me crazy!"

As baby Oscar is carried through the air towards his father like a king atop a royal litter, Ramsay cajoles, "Daddy's cooking? Daddy's cooking?" An agonizing pause. Then, Oscar reaches a tiny hand towards the dish in a sign of gracious approbation, and award-winning, "idiot sandwich"-swearing, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cheers, "Whee!!!" 


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