Farm and restaurant equipment, arcade games, and more to be auctioned online. 

In what was the end of an era, White Fence Farm closed its doors forever on December 30. Hundreds of devoted diners stood in line on a chilly day for a chance to enjoy the eatery once last time on its last day open. Many waited hours to savor the fried chicken and corn fritters before they said a final goodbye.

And a sad goodbye it was for some, as the restaurant ended a 45-year run of food, entertainment, and farm fun. 

On January 25, you could have a chance to own a piece of White Fence Farm history. Dickensheet & Associates will hold an online auction to sell off many of the items that made the farm so popular over the decades.

"This fantastic auction will feature items ranging from the John Deere tractor, implements, a wide array of incredible decorative items, arcade games, a truck, talking features (including the chickens) and exterior playground equipment along with the complete restaurant, bar, candy stop, including espresso machine, and the dining facility," says the auction house's website

The complete online liquidation sale will hold inspection Thursday, Jan. 24 and Friday, Jan. 25. 

White Fence Farms joins a long list of long-standing Denver area restaurants that shuttered in 2018, including Old Spaghetti Factory, Famous Pizza, El Charito, and Paramount Cafe and its three sister restaurants. 

The farm's general manager, Whitney Carlos, said in a statement that the establishment had met with some financial difficulties and struggled to compete with the Denver restaurant scene. A labor shortage also took its toll.

“We require 100-plus employees on weekends, and it was becoming nearly impossible to staff the restaurant with qualified staff,” said White Fence Farm owner Craig Caldwell. “We wish we could have kept this tradition open longer, but it was apparent that the changing demographics of our market were having an impact on revenue year over year.”

If you are interested in the auction, you can visit Dickensheet & Associates website for more details. 

What do you think? Are you going to place a bid in the auction? Let us know, and share your favorite White Fence Farm memory with us in the comments below.

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