This magical card is being sold online.

Family-owned company Nature's Frequencies created a Food Freshness card that keeps your produce fresh for longer, thus reducing food waste and saving consumers money! It is selling for $75 and will last you up to a year.

"The Food Freshness Card™ is the newest US Patented Technology in the food world," Nature's Frequencies' website states. "Independently laboratory tested to increase shelf life up to 50 percent for many fruits, vegetables, and breads. This unique product reduces waste and can increase shelf life anywhere along the food chain, from farm to fork."

Does it really work? If so, you won't have to worry about that bag of lettuce that's been sitting in your fridge for a couple weeks. Plus, the Food Freshness Card can be used inside and outside of the fridge, on multiple kinds of surfaces (fruit bowl, bread box, and anywhere you want to slow down the rotting process), and does not have to physically touch the food to be effective.  The card is expected to extend the shelf life of your produce, like fruits, vegetables, and bread up to 50 percent longer than normal.

Courtesy of Nature's Frequencies

If you simply want to try out the card without risk, they're offering a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can return it for a refund if you're not satisfied with the product. Before you buy, check out the time-lapse videos!

In addition to residential households, the card is being sold to companies, like supermarkets and commercial kitchens.

Twitter Users were both skeptical and excited. 

If you're still skeptical, keep in mind that the card won the annual Edison Award, in 2018, for an innovative product. 

What is your take on the freshness card? Do you think it works? Do you plan to get one and give it a try? If you do, be sure to let us know!