The new line of jelly beans comes in 38 different flavors!

Flashback to 1976 when candy aficionado David Klein invented Jelly Belly jelly beans. He's now blazing new trails in the candy market by introducing CBD-infused jelly beans. 

CBD oil, aka cannabidiol oil, is just one of 104 chemical compounds found in marijuana. It has an assortment of health benefits to offer, but it lacks THC, the psychoactive component that makes you high. Studies have shown it can help to offer relief from anxiety, pain, epilepsy, and even sleeplessness. It is currently legal in 30 states.

Although David Klein sold off the rights to Jelly Belly back in 1980, he saw an opportunity in the candy market that was just too good to pass up. He learned all about the health benefits CBD oil has to offer and wanted to capitalize on that ... in the form of CBD-infused jelly beans.

According to Cannabis Aficiando, Klein has invented 38 different flavors -- including favorites such as strawberry cheesecake, mango, toasted marshmallow, and cinnamon. Each bean contains 10mg of CBD oil and is sanded with either dextrose or maltitol to add extra sweetness and mask the CBD flavor.

There are currently three different products: the classic CBD jelly beans, a sugar-free variety, and a sour variety.


I love me some candy with CBD.

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Please note that David Klein's company, Spectrum Confections, is currently out of stock on the jelly beans. So fingers crossed there will be more available soon! 

What do you think about the CBD jelly beans? Would you ever give them a try? Let us know in the comments!