Peanut M&M's are definitely my favorite kind of M&M's, and I’m super excited (and you should be, too) because the company is releasing three new peanut-based candy flavors!

It isn’t really going to help my snacking problem, but at this point, I don’t care -- these flavors sound absolutely delicious. The three new M&M's offerings will be released to the public in 2019 and will include: English Toffee Peanut, Mexican Jalapeno Peanut, and Thai Coconut Peanut. If you were wanting something unique, you got it. 

M&M's is asking their customers to vote (eventually) on which one is your favorite. According to USA Today

“The packaging for the international takes on the classic chocolate candy features M&M's characters – what the brand calls spokes candies – wearing headgear to reflect each flavor. The English guy has on a black trilby with a British flag tucked into the side, while the Mexican one dons a sombrero. The Thai anthropomorphized candy has a flower tucked behind its ear.”

Kind of a fun take on candy, right?

The goal of the vote is to pick a favorite flavor and sell that one for an extended period of time. So make sure you actually do get out there and vote for this because it directly affects your snacking options. 

It’s fairly common for M&M's to introduce new products this way. Just this past spring, they released three new chocolate inspired flavors (Crunchy Espresso, Crunchy Raspberry, and Crunchy Mint) and had their customers choose a favorite to be sold for longer. If you’re curious, Crunchy Mint was the winner, but I’m not sure why because Crunchy Espresso sounds way better. But I digress. 

Stay tuned for info on voting at a later date.


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What M&M's flavor are you going to vote for? Which flavor do you wish they'd develop? Start the debate in the comments below!