You know how one Sausage McMuffin isn't quite enough, but two are definitely too much? McDonald's is throwing out another option with the Triple Breakfast Stacks.

For a limited time starting November 1, you can create your own breakfast tower of deliciousness at McDonald's.

In the spirit of secret menu experimentation, you'll be able to pick your favorite carbs -- toasted McMuffin, flaky biscuit, or syrup-filled McGriddles -- and stack them high with two sausage patties, an egg, and Applewood smoked bacon, then cover the whole thing with two American cheese blankets. Notice, that reads "and," not "or." 

Adding to the excitement is the fact that these stacks are the first new breakfast items since the Egg White Delight came out in 2013. If history repeats itself, people will be lining up to try this new delicious invention. This may well be the coolest thing to happen since All Day Breakfast was introduced in 2015!

Think you can't handle such a big breakfast? Give it a shot, even if just for the selfie. Remember, it's only available for a limited time! To learn more about this new sandwich, take a look at the official press release about the launch or visit the McDonald's Facebook page.

Are you going to be trying the Triple Breakfast Stack when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below and let's see that Triple Stack selfie!

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