The long-lost episode airs on March 6!

Look down at your 2021 bingo card—if you don't have a Mountain Dew-Bob Ross collaboration on there, you're missing out. Since nothing goes together better than the strangely yellow soft drink and Bob Ross' encouraging painting tutorials, The Bob Ross Company has teamed up with the soda company to release a "long-lost" episode of The Joy of Painting. The episode will be inspired by the late Bob Ross, as well as DEW Nation, Mountain Dew's eager fan base.

The episode will be released on March 6 on YouTube, where Mountain Dew and Bob Ross fans alike will be able to enthusiastically discuss this strange Venn diagram of their hobbies. Grab your favorite paints and maybe a little Mountain Dew with which to wash your brushes off, and paint along! The scene will be "Mountain Dew inspired," whatever that means, so you can immediately hang it in your Mountain Dew-inspired decor. (Which ... everyone has ... right?) 

Nicole Portwood, the Vice President of Marketing at Mountain Dew, said in a press release:

Bob Ross is a legend and a cultural icon, not just for those who grew up watching him live but with a new generation of people who have come to appreciate his creativity, his democratic approach to art, his focus on love of self and the natural world, and his ability to spread joy even amidst chaos. It's an absolute honor for DEW to make this 'lost episode' for all to enjoy and try their hand a creating a masterpiece with Mr. Ross' guidance.

To accompany the episode, MTN DEW has also created limited-edition Bob Ross Paint Kits which include a small blank canvas, oil paints, brushes, travel easel, custom apron and more. Exclusive kits will be distributed via a social giveaway driven by a select group of TikTok influencers following the YouTube Premiere.

Fans will have a chance to bid on the Bob Ross inspired artwork from the TVC via a virtual charity auction that will be held through a premier online auction site. Proceeds of the charity auction will be donated to a nonprofit approved by The Bob Ross Company. More details on the charity auction to come.

We'll see you there—brushes and Dew in hand! 

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