If you really want to feed a crowd, set up a nacho table and watch your family descend like a plague of locusts.

Walking tacos are for amateurs. Individual portions of nachos? Who has time for that? Behold, the nacho table.


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If you want to try making your own Mexican-inspired creation, all you need is a table, a roll of aluminum foil, and a shopping cart full of nacho supplies. Sure, you'll spend your weekly grocery budget on a single meal, but hey, think of all the likes you'll get!

Spread out a mess of nacho chips on your covered table, drizzle it all with some warmed-up cheese sauce, and sprinkle on some taco meat. Considering the whole food safety thing, you'll want to keep any dairy products like sour cream or fresh crema in a bowl. Who are we kidding? A health inspector would shut down this meal faster than you can say "queso!"


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Some good healthy topping options include chopped peppers, onions, corn, cilantro, and tomatoes. Basically, just run it through the summer garden.

While this may not be the most pandemic-appropriate food in the world, it sure looks fun. Save this trend for immediate family only, or anyone you've been locked down with! 


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What are your thoughts on nacho tables as a family-friendly project? Yuck or yum? Sound off in the comments!