Northern Virginia is getting its first Sonic Drive-In -- with a twist!

If you love Sonic burgers, shakes, and well, anything-Sonic, get ready to celebrate: Northern Virginia is getting its very first Sonic Drive-In. The new fast-food restaurant will have a bit of a different concept, however -- this one will focus on indoor seating! 

According to a report by INSIDENOVA, the new location will have only a handful of the drive-in bays and a larger seating area with more than 90 seats total -- how cool is that? You get to eat your Sonic inside the restaurantinstead of sitting in your car. This could be a new hangout spot!

Located at 10850 Promenade Lane in Manassas, the new Sonic is expected to be in place by the end of the year.

Currently, the closest Sonic location is off U.S. 17 near Fredericksburg, a long hike away. Residents of Northern Virginia have been pleading since 2011 on Twitter, begging for a Sonic to be put in Manassas, Virginia! Their dreams are about to come true!

If there is one restaurant that has been missing from NoVA, it's Sonic! You can never go wrong with a good burger, a tater tot, and a classic shake on your cheat day! The establishment is known for having cheap food and a wide variety of options starting at just $1. 

Have you been waiting for a Sonic to open in NOVA? Is Sonic one of your favorite fast-food joints? Let us know in the comments below. 

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