In related news, we, as a species, may collectively need to find a hobby. 

There's no holiday cheer in chocolate kiss fans this year. In what might soon be named Hershey-gate (copyright me), people across the nation are taking to the interwebs to complain about a tiny tip of chocolate. Apparently, as holiday revelers are mixing up a wide variety of festive treats, the misshaped chocolate blobs are causing quite a stir. 

One disappointed baker tweeted: "Hershey's WHY ARE THERE NO TIPS ON HERSHEY KISSES!?!? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!"

Another chocolate kiss curmudgeon tweeted: "Hershey's my Hershey's kisses for my peanut butter blossoms all look like their tips were cut off. I went through 4 bags. They are all not acceptable to use on my cookies."

Courtesy of Yahoo

Another customer got a little "short" about the snipped tips on Facebook: “Shame, shame, shame on them! I have been noticing they are not even wrapped like they use to be. Sorry, but if it supposed to be wrapped, it doesn't make me want to eat them, much let alone use them for baking. This day and age, I don’t want to take any chances.”

Bakers from coast to coast are apparently throwing up their hands in absolute disgust. One even says that Hershey's posted on Facebook that the egregious error was actually on purpose so they didn't fall off during shipping (oh, the horror). However, enough people have complained that Hershey's is now taking a look at its production process in order to correct the issue.

"We understand that expectations are high for an iconic brand that is more than 100 years old and are beloved around the world. We are sharing your comments and concerns with the Kisses brand team at Hershey, and they are looking into the situation.," it replied to the complaints. 

And, as usual, social media has clapped back at the Kiss complainers.

"Aww does it make it too hard for them to cram them up their tight a**es?" and "So more of a peck and less of a Kiss?" or " Anyone not satisfied with their Hershey kisses can send them to me." And finally, "I've officially given up on humanity."

My advice if you get a snipped sweet? Roll with it. Don't sweat the small(er) stuff. After all, it's just the tip. 

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