Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice!

Kroger, the owner of Colorado’s favorite grocery chains King Soopers and City Market, has announced that they are going to dedicate an entire section of plant-based meats in the meat aisles in stores across Denver. Why is this such a big and exciting deal? Usually, it’s harder to find plant-based alternatives in grocery stores.

Some have them in the frozen section, others will have plant-based meats in other sections of the store. Maybe you found yourself in the middle of the grocery store with your hands in the air because you just can’t find your favorite bean burger? No? Too specific? Just me? Okay.

Sixty different locations, including Denver, will move their plant-based meats alongside the meats for 20 weeks this fall. Not only will they be easier to find for big fans of brands like Beyond Meat and others, but it will also pique the interest of other shoppers.

"Beyond Beef is the first plant-based ground meat made without GMOs, soy or gluten to deliver on the versatility, meaty texture and juiciness of ground beef," said Beyond Beef in a statement.

Kroger already knows how bomb those Beyond Meat burgers are. Their company has been taking over the meat industry and succeeding, giving investors and regular people a heads up. The alternative meat industry is to become a super-profitable industry at $140 billion dollars. And with numbers like that, why not give plant-based meats a try? Thousands of people can’t be wrong, right? Kroger certainly thinks so.

They’ve partnered up with the Plant Based Food Association and will be releasing their own brand of plant-based meats. With veganism on the rise, we’re just as excited as you to try new brands and new impossible burgers!

Are you looking forward to these changes at King Soopers and City Market? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.