The Crossroads Tabletop Tavern in Manassas features over 1,400 games for guests to play while they dine.

It’s Saturday night, and you’re fighting off demons in Betrayal at House on the Hill or hoping that your friend’s drink shoots out his nose as he reads your card in Cards Against Humanity. In the air, you smell fresh pizza cooking and when you look around, you see your closest friends and family gathered around the table. This is the ultimate game night, and a new restaurant in Manassas is hoping to bring that dream to reality.

Established by game enthusiast John Hornberger, The Crossroads: A Tabletop Tavern is a new gaming restaurant and bar that is dedicated to bringing friends, family, and loved ones together. Opening its doors on August 30, the restaurant has created a daily family game night right in the heart of Manassas. Guests can simply come in, pick a game off the shelf, and play while they dine. 

Whether you like the classics or the complex strategy games, their collection of 1,400 games definitely has what you’re looking for. You can start up a game of Magic: the Gathering, challenge your wits at Trivial Pursuit, cure diseases in Pandemic, or become a ghostly psychic interpreter in Mysterium. As both a restaurant and a store, Crossroads makes it very easy to find an enjoyable game that will provide you with hours of family-friendly fun. 

The moment you walk into Crossroads, you’re immediately welcomed by the friendly staff who instantly bring you into their family. In fact, they may act more like a family than your own. They’re all true gaming fanatics and provide absolutely everything you need to create the perfect game night for you and your friends. 

The food is also exactly what you would want to eat during a family game night – loaded tater tots, a juicy burger, cheesy pizza, cold craft beer, and game-themed drinks. However, that’s not all that’s on the menu. The restaurant prides itself on bringing every Hungry Hippo into the family and has other options for vegetarians and vegans. Ultimately, the food and exceptional service at Crossroads will make you feel right at home.

Whether you’re looking for a competitor to play against or a friendly face to join your crusade, Crossroads has it all. You can hang out with the family downstairs or challenge your foes in the upstairs bar. Crossroads also hosts private events and corporate functions in their banquet room and allows anyone to rent space as long as you spend at least $3 an hour on food and drinks.

However, if you’re looking to take over new civilizations, build your perfect deck, or cheat your friends, you better get to The Crossroads: A Tabletop Tavern soon. Since their very recent opening, the restaurant has already generated a huge fan following and even had a big crowd on a Wednesday night.

So, are you ready to connect four, go fish, or shout “Jenga!”? Let us know what you think about this fun-filled restaurant in the comments!

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