Marylanders are waiting in lines of up to one hour to try the new sandwich. 

If you’ve tried to dine out at a Popeyes restaurant lately, you probably noticed there is a quite a line. The Louisiana-based chicken restaurant launched its first-ever chicken sandwich on August 12 to sell-out crowds.

The feeding frenzy even inspired a Maryland man to post his own sandwich for sale on Facebook for—get this—the bargain price of $100 (plus $38.52 for delivery).

The restaurant has also gotten into Twitter rows with Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A over the new sandwich.

Popeyes' chicken sandwich found its way onto the menu in a roundabout way. It all started when a restaurant in Long Beach, California, was caught selling the tasty chicken on their menu. Popeyes, flattered by Sweet Dixie Kitchen’s adoption of its chicken, offered the restaurant a deal to launch the sandwich before it hit stores nationwide.

"To be honest, I thought they were calling to sue me," said Kim Sánchez, owner of Sweet Dixie Kitchen. "We have a long history with Popeyes, but we've always said Popeyes chicken is the best fried chicken we ever had. So, we are thrilled to collaborate with them to launch and serve their delicious Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.”

Stores around the country have been overwhelmed with guests trying to get their hands on a chicken sandwich, sometimes waiting in line for an hour or more. During lunchtime at a Popeyes in Laurel, Maryland, the drive-thru lane traffic spilled out onto Route 1. Other stores have run out of sandwiches, posting "sold out" signs on the doors.

So what exactly is so great about this chicken sandwich? Popeyes has always had a following for the taste of its buttermilk-battered chicken. Add a buttered, toasted brioche bun, pickles, and spicy cajun mayo, and you apparently hit the sweet spot for chicken sandwiches.

Taste-testers claim it beats Chick-fil-A, the No. 1 fast-food restaurant four years running. If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll need to go early, wait for the crowds to die down, or hit up Anthony in Suitland.

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