Soon you may be able to sip wine at work – legally.

Ever find yourself craving wine at a time and place that isn’t appropriate? A new water may help you curb that craving. O.Vine Wine Essence Water is an alcohol-free beverage that combines purified water with wine grape residue to creating a wine-flavored water. The wine essence water is set to be introduced at the Summer Fancy Food Show later this month in New York.

Developed by an Israeli company, O.Vine Wine Essence Water has two missions: satisfying wine cravings with a non-alcoholic beverage and fostering sustainability. The drink is made by infusing purified water with pomace, a grape by-product of the winemaking process. This pomace is derived from sustainably grown grapes, giving a second life to the produce and reducing waste. The product is designed to appeal to millennials, a generational group that values environmentally-friendly products.

"We see O.Vine essence water as a big winner in the United States and these two new varietals will just make the brand stronger," says Bill Sipper, Managing Partner at Cascadia Managing Brands. "It aligns with what millennials are seeking — products that are organic, made by companies that respect the environment. Millennials also are drinking less alcohol. This combination makes O.Vine an all-around winner."

Grapes in a vineyard.

The product won "Best New Water" concept award at the Global Bottled Water Congress in Evian, France, in 2018.

Currently, O.Vine Wine Essence Water has two flavors ready for the market – Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each variety is available in a flat and sparkling version. If you can’t wait to try it, you can find it online at Beverage Universe or at Neiman Marcus in New York. The company has plans to roll it out across the country later this year.

Would you try wine water? Or would you rather stick to the real thing? Tell us in the comments!