The hot dog ice cream sandwich will only be available in New York during the week of August 12!

As an ice cream lover myself, I have to question Oscar Mayer's sanity on this one. And though it doesn't look all that great, the shock factor is so strong that we might actually want to try it. 

Behold, the next strangest ice cream product to hit the market: the Ice Dog Sandwich! Oscar Mayer teamed up with New York-based ice cream joint il Laboratorio Del Gelato to create this masterpiece (*coughs* disaster *coughs*), which will be hitting the streets of New York the week of August 12.

Spare the questions and stop doing a double-take: This is actually happening. The company is not toying with us; this sandwich is 100-percent real.  

The contents of the sandwich are unexpected, to say the least: hot dog-flavored ice cream, candied hot dog pieces (what?), and spicy dijon-infused gelatin. What could possibly be better than this? Well, a Wienermobile will be driving around New York dressed as an ice cream truck (*giggles*), handing out free samples of product.

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In other news, French's Mustard recently debuted a mustard-flavored ice cream that is the color of ... well ... yellow mustard. The flavor, however, is no longer on sale, so don't get too excited. 

What could these companies possibly think of next? Do you think a hot dog-flavored ice cream would taste good? What's your guess for the next big idea? Tell us in the comments!