Cherry blossoms are a unique and beautiful staple of the D.C. landscape. Southern Efficiency has taken the beauty to a new immersive level.

Aside from being our nation's capitol, D.C. is also known for the beautiful cherry blossoms outlining the perimeter of the Potomac. Southern Efficiency has taken this beautiful feature and incorporated it into their interior design for a unique dining experience! Nestled in the Shaw neighborhood, a pop-up bar has emerged to commemorate the spring season. The pub has taken over Mockingbird Hill and Southern Efficiency on Seventh Street. The owner, Derek Brown, and his team have created a Japanese-inspired motif that has been a huge hit amongst the increasing hipster-population of Shaw. Each of the two bars have their own theme. One is 100 percent Mario themed. That's right, the game Mario, in a bar. Prize boxes, clouds, mushrooms and Piranha Plants dangle from the ceiling, while fun music plays. All for a little nostalgia and a ton of drinking. Southern Efficiency On the other side, though, is where the magic happens. From outside you can see the soft white and pink glow from the cherry blossoms taking over the pub. The room feels like you're trapped in a cherry blossom themed garden. A gorgeous mural of the Jefferson memorial is placed on one side of the bar, making the whole experience feel like you're having a drink by the Potomac. [gallery size="large" ids="265,266,267,264,263"] Both rooms have the same menu for drinks and a bit of food if you're looking for a bite. Given the motif of the two rooms the menu is an odd, but delicious combination of Japanese favorites with some Italian themed specials (as a wink to the Mario Bros.)! Even if you're not the biggest drinker, with spring in the air you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't at least stop by and check out the beautiful cherry blossom pub!

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