If you happen to hear about a "beast" prowling the slopes of Steamboat Resort this winter, please remain calm.

It is a taco truck.

Or, rather, it is a taco snowcat, which is much more fun. It's called "The Taco Beast" and it's currently stationed at the resort's base camp. However, once the conditions are right, The Taco Beast will crawl up the mountain and set up shop on the actual slopes.

According to the Denver Post, The Taco Beast will find four to five locations on the mountain and rotate between those, staying at each for a few days. The Taco Beast's location will also be tracked on social media and on Steamboat's website, so you'll know exactly where you can get your taco fix!

Tacos cost $4.50 each, which is pretty darn good considering normal ski resort food prices (it takes cards).

I have to admit, part of me was hoping The Taco Beast would roam around the mountain during the day, sneaking up on people and giving them tacos. That would be hell on the poor folks who have to make the tacos, though. Imagine trying to keep your balance while standing up in the back of a snowcat while making a taco at the same time. That's like a challenge on a Japanese game show.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes a trend among resorts. It's a great way to eat a good meal while getting as much vertical as possible by not having to go into a lodge for lunch, but I imagine there will be some mess involved here. Tacos are messy, and crowds of people trying to eat tacos on an uneven slope while wearing skis/snowboards is a recipe for spillage. Just imagine a child successfully eating a taco on a ski hill without half of it ending up on the ground. You can't.

The Taco Beast should be approached with extreme caution so you don't eat too many tacos and then try to exercise.

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