It's like a caramel apple ... without the stick ... and a lot of ice. 

Ah, fall! It’s hard to think about it when it’s still pushing 90 degrees outside, but it is on its way. How do we know? Well, it happens every year around this time, that was our first hint. But, more than that, it’s already pumpkin-spice everything out there, and woe to the person who’s not a fan. What to eat if you prefer a different fall flavor?

Taco Bell to the rescue! (said no one, ever.)

“Imagine, if you will, a layer of sweet, caramel sauce topped with tangy, green apple-flavored frozen, slushy, goodness,” relates the late-night favorite of drunk college kids everywhere.

Taco Bell, the fast-food chain that everyone craves more than they want to admit, is channeling the flavors of country fairs and classic fall treats with its newest offering. It balances the tart taste of apples with the smooth decadence of caramel. And unlike the real deal on a stick, you won’t be finding caramel on your hair, fingers, cheeks, and teeth for hours after you consume it.

On a positive note, it’s a refreshing way to ease yourself into fall while still beating the late-summer heat. On the other hand, this is the same company that came up with those random and cringeworthy nacho-fry commercials. So, there’s that.

This caramel apple treat is now available at participating locations, but only for a limited time. Bottoms up, Taco Bell lovers, and enjoy the sweet, sweet brain freeze!