Sneaking candy into the theater just got a bit easier -- or harder, depending on how you look at it -- with Target's giant buckets of M&M's.

That's right. Just when you thought the crazy, topsy-turvy world of food-we-didn't-ask-for-but-somehow-need was over and done with, it has brought us a new addition to the fam damily: giant buckets of M&M's. This new creation by Target joins Sam's Club's 9-pound bucket of Cookies & Creme frosting and 3-tier unicorn cake, Costco's 3-pound cookie butter cheesecake, and Firebox's life-sized lollipop faces. Just imagine taking one of these bad boys into the movie theater and doubling up on buckets of popcorn AND candy. You'll have to be creative when sneaking it in, though. 'Cause, honestly, that sounds like a you problem ... As depicted in the Instagram post above, the M&M's come in regular and peanut flavors. They also only cost about $9!
Each bucket holds 32.5 ounces of candy, and because we're horrible at math here at OCN (we're writers for a reason, guys), our friends at Delish have done all the hard work for us and they found out that a single bucket is equal to 19 regular-size bags of M&M's! And the bucket is resealable, so you can make it last! Yeah ... like that's going to happen. Good one, guys. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase the buckets online, because life is unfair like that. So you’ll have to actually go to the store if you want to indulge in the chocolate candy. To see if the bucket o' M&M's is at a Target near you, click here. What do you think? Will you be stopping by your local Target to pick up a bucket ... or maybe two ... actually, make that 10? Let us know in the comments below. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go buy all of the buckets they currently have in stock.

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