Name a better combination than pizza and beer. We'll wait.

There really is nothing better than an ice cold beer with a slice of pizza. Washing down a warm, yeasty crust and savory tomato sauce with a refreshing beer is the perfect ending to a long workday or the best menu to offer when hosting an impromptu get-together. If you're looking to explore the different ways of complementing your pizza toppings with your brewski of choice, give this handy guide a look. 

Pepperoni Pizza — Hoppy beers like Double IPAs are an excellent choice to meld with the spiciness of the pepperoni slices.

Cheese Pizza — For all you fans of a good ol' fashioned cheese pizza, grab a hoppy American Pale Ale or a light Pilsner.

Margherita Pizza — Pale Ales are also a great choice for a fine Neapolitan pie, but try asking for a Belgian witbier to complement the taste of the tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

Hawaiian Pizza — While I begrudgingly put this pizza topping on the list, brown ales or fruity lagers are the best options to bring out the sweetness of the pineapple. 

people sharing a pizza with beer

Sausage Pizza — A good meaty pizza goes best with a robust German lager or wheat beer. 

​​​Salad/Veggie Pizza — Ask for a light golden ale when choosing a pizza covered in greens. A vegetable-laden pizza deserves a subtle beer.

BBQ Chicken Pizza — Opt for a stout to jive with the smoky-yet-sweet taste of the barbecue sauce.

White Pizza — If olive oil is your choice over tomato sauce, be sure to not go heavier than a brown ale as it will offset the Mediterranean taste.

What's your favorite beer and pizza combo? Let us know below in the comments!

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