This Valentine’s Day, consumers are expected to spend $1.8 billion on candy. 

Valentine’s Day is about love, romance, and spending money, and a lot of it. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend more than $1.8 billion on candy this year alone. 

That’s a lot of chocolate -- or is it? Apparently, conversation hearts are America’s new favorite. According to, conversation hearts topped the charts for two consecutive years, ultimately beating the reigning champion of Valentine’s Day candy – the heart-shaped box of chocolate. 

Conversation Hearts Win Valentines Day 2018


But the researchers at didn’t stop there. In hopes of finding out which candy was selling the most in each state, the team dug a little deeper. Check out the state-by-state list below to see which Valentine’s Day candy your state loves the most.

Alabama – Candy Necklaces 
Alaska – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Arizona – Conversation Hearts 
Arkansas – Hershey's Kisses 
California – Conversation Hearts 
Colorado – Conversation Hearts 
Connecticut – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Deleware – Hershey's Kisses 
Florida – Conversation Hearts 
Georgia – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Hawaii – Conversation Hearts 
Idaho – M&Ms 
Illinois – Chocolate Roses 
Indiana – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Iowa – M&Ms 
Kansas – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Kentucky – Chocolate Roses 
Louisiana – Conversation Hearts 
Maine – Chocolate Hearts 

Maryland – M&Ms
Massachusetts – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Michigan – Conversation Hearts 
Minnesota – Conversation Hearts 
Mississippi – Conversation Hearts 
Missouri – Conversation Hearts 
Montana – Conversation Hearts 
Nebraska – Chocolate Hearts 
Nevada – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
New Hampshire – Conversation Hearts 
New Jersey – Conversation Hearts 
New Mexico – Chocolate Roses 
New York – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
North Carolina – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
North Dakota – Conversation Hearts 
Ohio – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Oklahoma – Conversation Hearts 
Oregon – Chocolate Roses 
Pennsylvania – M&Ms 
Rhode Island – Chocolate Hearts 
South Carolina – Conversation Hearts 
South Dakota – Hershey's Kisses 
Tennessee – Conversation Hearts 
Texas – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Utah – Hersey Kisses 
Vermont – Conversation Hearts 
Virginia – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Washington – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
Washington, D.C. – Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates 
West Virginia – Conversation Hearts 
Wisconsin – Hershey's Kisses 
Wyoming – Chocolate Roses 

Do you agree with the list above? If not, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Unfortunately, the ever-popular conversation hearts won't be available this year! Find out why here!