Get ready to chug, 'cause your entire family's about to be in one room ... Zoom room, that is!

There's no doubt that Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and community; however, it is, for many of us, also a time when we're surrounded by those particular family members (you know who they are) who you only see on major holidays and just can't seem to understand why you're not dating anybody or will continuously ask you when you plan on having kids. Frankly, it can be exhausting and repetitive, and sometimes, you just need something to take the edge off a bit.

And in the times of COVID, you may even be planning a virtual Thanksgiving dinner with your family this year—regardless of how you're celebrating, you're still gonna have to put up with them, one way or another.

So, we've put together the "Ultimate Thanksgiving Drinking Game" to help you cope with the sheer amount of craziness that is your family. And hey, they're still family and we love them—that's why we're drinking.

Thanksgiving Drinking Game

*Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. We do not recommend or condone any misuse of alcohol—including excessive consumption, drinking and driving, binge-drinking, and/or underage drinking. It is the players' responsibility to monitor and moderate their alcohol consumption. Always have a designated BB (booze buddy) with you at all times.*

Take a sip ...

  • Whenever a family member mentions "Black Friday," "Christmas shopping," or the like
  • Any time Trump, or anything remotely political, is brought up in conversation
  • Whenever a family member refers to the turkey as "moist"
  • Whenever a family member refers to the turkey as "dry"
  • Whenever a family member brings out the camera for a family photo op (both in-person and virtual)

Take 1 shot ...

  • If a family member makes a comment on how your appearance has changed
  • Whenever you're asked about your dating life, or lack thereof
  • If someone has to make a last-minute run to the store
  • If someone asks you to make a last-minute run to the store
  • Every 10 minutes the dinner start-time is pushed back
  • Any time a family member's Zoom screen freezes or the audio doesn't match up

Take 2 shots ...

  • Any time you're given unsolicited advice
  • If you're forced to go around and say what you're thankful for
  • Whenever a family member brings an uninvited guest (aka that boyfriend or girlfriend that nobody likes)
  • Any time you have to explain what you do at your job
  • Any time a flag is thrown during one of the football games
  • If you have to say, "What did you say?" while on a Zoom call

Down your drink ...

  • Anytime a parent tells you to "slow down" in regards to your drinking

Thanksgiving Drinking Game

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And good luck.