Relish in this one-of-a-kind pit stop!

Pikes Peak Pickle Shack opened their doors back in 2016, taking the small town of Cascade by storm. It's easily recognizable by the four-foot-tall "Mr. Pickle" sign that beckons you inside.

A multitude of flavors is packed into the 80-square-foot structure that sits near the base of Pikes Peak. Whatever your pickle preference, the shack has got the perfect "dill" for you, from the classic dill chips to bread and butter. There's a bunch of pickle ornaments, key chains, and other fun knick-knacks, too.

Travel buddy not a pickle fan? They've got a variety of drink mixers, butters, salsas, and other must-try bites.

pickles at the pickle shack near pikes peak

Courtesy of Pikes Peak Pickle Shack via Facebook

The shop is located near the turnoff on U.S. 24, near The North Pole theme park, making it the perfect pit stop for travelers. While the shop has remained a popular tourist attraction, it's been difficult to create a local following. So, for all you southern Colorado residents, make sure you give it a try sometime!

snooki drinking from pickle jar

Are you a pickle lover? Will you be paying a visit to The Pickle Shack? Sound off in the comments!

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