Smith Island cake is Maryland's most famous dessert, and it's been the state's "designated dessert" since 2008.

I'm a born-and-bred Marylander and have lived in the state all of my life. While Maryland has so much to offer in terms of various landscapes, there are also many little-known gems that are unique to our state. Smith Island cake is as famous as Old Bay, yet it is a well-hidden gem that not many Marylanders have had the pleasure of eating.

For those who have enjoyed the decadent dessert, you're most likely looking forward to the next chance you'll have to indulge in it! And for those who haven't had a piece or a whole Smith Island cake to yourself, you can order one and have it delivered through the mail. Or, if you're feeling like a day trip, you can head to Smith Island in southern Maryland.

smith island

Located at the most southern end of the state on the Eastern Shore, Smith Island is only accessible by boat or ferry, and the island is known for its waterman culture. In fact, Smith Island cake was given to oyster farmers and crabbers because it was something sweet that would keep during the hot summer days on the bay. In 2008 Smith Island cake was named Maryland's official dessert.

Smith Island cake

Smith Island cake is a fluffy, buttery cake that is either eight or 14 layers, with icing, frosting, or fudge in between. It can have crushed up candy bars or cookies (such as Oreos) sprinkled on top or in between the layers as well. The cake tastes so much better than it looks, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. A little pricey, the cake retails at $37 for a small version that serves eight (or $55 for one that serves 16), but it is well worth every penny! It is a delicacy, after all! And if you can't justify spending that much on a dessert, try your hand at making one. (You may not think the price tag is outrageous after you spend close to four hours baking one!). 

Have you ever enjoyed a piece of Smith Island cake? Where is the best place to buy one? Do you have a favorite restaurant that serves the cake? Drop a comment below, and let us know!