Cronuts are so over. Waffle Pops are so in.

What are waffle pops? Why do they look so gosh darn good? Why is my mouth watering?

Waffle pops are the brainchild of a team of foodie geniuses who took Belgian Liege waffles, premium toppings, and sticks to give the world a new dessert to munch on. 'Sweet Combforts' made their sweet debut at Coachella in 2017 where they were met with Insta-worthy fame and rave reviews. Their name was inspired by the honeycomb design in the Belgian waffles, hence Sweet COMBforts.

Sweet Combforts is the first to debut this new dessert concept and, boy, do they have some decadent choices with sweet names!

The first up is Bam Bam, which is one of their Belgian waffles dipped in white chocolate and topped with fruity pebbles, cheesecake bites, and powdered sugar. Then, it's all topped with a white chocolate drizzle to finish. 

cookies and dreams

This is Sweet Combforts' Cookies and Dreams Waffle Pop. This is also all you'll want to eat all summer | Courtesy of Sweet Combforts

Their Churro Crunch is topped with cinnamon and sugar with cinnamon toast crunch added. Cream cheese is drizzled on top for your cinnamon roll dreams. Ya Moms looks too good to be even real. This bad girl is dipped in cookie butter and topped with circus animal cookie crumbles, almonds, and powdered sugar. The signature white chocolate drizzle finishes it off, but who knows how long it will last in your hands.

bam bam

Yabba Dabba Do! Bam Bam looks so yummy! | Courtesy of Sweet Combforts


You can get your hungry hands on these puppies at their food truck at the Global Dance Festival on July 19-20. Sweet Combforts will also make an appearance at the Taste of Colorado near the end of the summer, from August 31 to September 2. Can’t make it to either event? That’s okay!

Sweet Combforts will also make RiNo its new home in fall 2019, so your new favorite isn’t leaving anytime soon. In fact, your obsession is just beginning. The shop plans to mainly serve up these fun comb dessert, but they'll also offer milkshakes and ice cream.

Will you be trying Waffle Pops soon? Share your delicious pics with us!