Togo's motto is "True to the Sandwich", but will they be true to Coloradan's tastebuds?

Sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads. What more could you want during lunch at work? Togo's, the California based sandwich chain, has announced plans to open restaurants in Colorado. Togo's first opened in San Jose California back in 1971.

The chain will open in Denver and Fort Collins and try to compete with firmly cemented sandwich eateries like Potbelly's, Snarf's, and Which Wich. Opening dates for the two locations have yet to be announced.

The expansion effort will be led by newly appointed Chief Development Officer, Corey Wilde. Wilde accepted the position in March 2018 and has worked at other massively successful chains such as Nathan's Famous and Bruster's Ice Cream, so we know the expansion is in good hands.

Now, this move to Denver and Fort Collins may come as a surprise to some residents, you know, seeing as the sandwich chain already failed once in its attempt to expand to Colorado -- Togo's last opened its doors in Colorado on September 20, 2017. But, the new attempt makes it feel like Togo's has a plan they truly believe in and, hopefully, it'll work out for them this time around.

I used to live in Los Angeles, California, and can confirm there is always a good time to have something from Togo's. The menu features lots of exciting options such as the Pretzelrami, which features -- you guessed it -- Pastrami on a Pretzel Bun!

The Asian Chicken Wrap in a spinach tortilla was my personal go to at Togo's after a workout. The wrap has healthy vegetables with crunchy wontons and a balsamic dressing that covers all of the wraps interior. It has been a while since I was last there, but I always remember how quickly I could get my food and head out the door. So to have the shop back in Colorado is a welcome surprise.

Are you interested in trying Togo's? Do you feel there is room for yet another sandwich chain in Colorado? Let us know below!

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