Gingerbread cookies! Virginians are searching for recipes to make these tasty little cookies more than any other seasonal dessert.

This information is based on Zippia's analysis of data via Google Trends, and their subsequent report showing the favorite searches by state. Nationally, cheesecake is extremely popular, as are various types of cookies and fruitcake.

Here is a simple recipe for the classic gingerbread treats that incorporates molasses and warm spices for that unmistakable Christmas taste:

Did you know that you can use the same cutter to make gingerbread reindeer by decorating the cookies upside-down? Just add a red nose and some antlers!

Add a bit of a 2020 touch by making sure your gingerbread men are all masked up.

If you're not ready to consume a whole batch, here's a simple recipe for making a single gingerbread person. Make sure you use a 350-degree setting for an American oven.

Regardless of what recipe you use, the fun of gingerbread men is in the decorating. Grab some icing, handfuls of candy for details, and get to work!

For more information about the study, or to see the full list of favorite Christmas desserts by state, check out the Zippia report.

Is decorating gingerbread men part of your family's Christmas traditions? Let us know in the comments!